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Friday 22 June 2018
h. 16.00 welcome to the delegations
h. 17.00 inauguration of the photo exhibition “1918: the end of the great war” with pictures coming from all invited communities
h. 18.00 official opening ceremony
h. 18.30 official parade through the town
h. 20.00 official dinner
h. 21.30 folk music with the participation of local groups from different countries

Saturday 23 June 2018
h. 10.00 opening of the local handicrafts exhibition
h. 10.30 convention: “Euroscepticism and local autonomist movements: could more administrative decentralisation support the European Union?” - in alternative for families with children: visit to the villages of Vigolana
h. 12.30 community cooking and lunch
h. 15.00 debating euroscepticism and local autonomy  in alternative visit to the firms of Vigolana
h. 16.30 convention: “The white book on the future of European Union: presentation
h. 18.00 debating euroscepticism and local autonomy
h. 19.00 community dinner
h. 21.00 music and dancing

Sunday 24 giugno 2018
h. 10.00 holy Mess with live music of choirs
h. 11.00 local products tasting
h. 12.00 community lunch